Terms and Conditions

Last Updated Jun 12, 2022

1. Introduction

1.1 What these terms cover. These are the terms and conditions that apply to viewing our site, purchasing products or services from us or when we purchase items from you the customer(“Terms“).

1.2 Why you should read them. Please read these terms carefully before you submit your offers and orders to us. These terms tell you who we are, how we will purchase items from you, how we will provide services to you, how you and we may change or end the contract, what to do if there is a problem and other important information. If you think that there is a mistake in these terms or require any changes, please contact us to discuss.

2. About Us

2.1 or Toy Exchange is a trading name of the company Toy Exchange Ltd. A company registered in England and Wales, with registration number 15381375. Our full trading details are available at companies house to be viewed. For any queries on our terms please contact us at and we will respond within 14 working days. We will always contact you back via the method in which you contact us.

2.2 If you do not agree with these Terms, please do not use our Website or access any services made available through the Website.

3. Definition of Terms

3.1 In these Terms, the following words will have the following meanings:

“Check In” or “Check-In” means the point in which we receive and review your items against our Packaging Guidelines and Acceptance Guidelines and the information set out in these terms

Contract” means the contract formed between you and Toy-Exchange as set out in these Terms for the offer, sale, return, delivery and recycling of your Item.

Shipping” means the Drop Off, Collection, or Label generation service we provide to you to send in your items.

Item” means each item which you wish to sell to us that complies with these Terms; these can be Branded or Unbranded Toys, Video Games and their respective consoles and accessories, and any other items we choose to buy, sell or trade at Toy-Exchange.

Item Acceptance Guidelines” means our guidelines that we follow to choose when we shall accept or reject any of you Item(s) when passing our check in process.

Minimum Order Value” means the minimum total value of the items we would purchase in a single transaction, this is subject to change at any point.

Final Valuation” the final value we will pay out for your price after going through our check in process, it cannot be amended.

Order Confirmation” refers to the email that confirms the valuation we are prepared to offer you based on the information submitted online, once check in is completed a Final Valuation is provided.

Package” means the package, parcel or box that you send your Item(s) to us in;

“Toys” means a single toy or collection of toys in which you possess and are seeking to trade-in or have traded in with Toy-Exchange.

Us / We / Our” means or Toy Exchange.

Valuation” means the amount at which we estimate the value of the items you propose to sell to us and the price we are willing to pay for them. This is subject to change until we have issued a Final Valuation after reviewing your items against our Acceptance Guidelines.

Website” means and also includes any other web sites, apps or services on which you may use to sell items or toys to us;

Working Day” the days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday where it is not a public holiday in England.

You / Your” means you, the person using the Website, App or emails when trading in or sending an Item for us to purchase, be returned or recycled by us as set out in these Terms.

4. Use of the Toy Exchange Website

4.1 The website is intended for use by any persons of the UK over the age of 18 years old. We do not accept items from people under 18, or outside of the UK.

4.2 By submitting an order or valuation through our website you confirm that:

  1. You have permission to sell the items to us and are their legal owner.
  2. You are a  person who is of capacity to enter into a legally binding contract.
  3. You are at least 18 years of age and are in the UK.
  4. You have read, understood and accepted our Acceptance Guidelines.
  5. You have read, understood and accepted our Packaging Guidelines.

4.3 By submitting a valuation through Toy Exchange you agree that the items are genuine and have not been stolen, replicated or counterfeited. This applies to all items and toys you send to us. Should we be subject to liability where product was sold to us illegally, you agree to accept full indemnify against us or any potential actions against us. This means you will be responsible to compensate us and our users where your malicious activity has caused damage.

5. Privacy Policy

You acknowledge and agree to be bound the terms of our Privacy Policy.

6. Selling Your Item(s)

For section 6 and 6.1, the use of the word item refers both item(s) and toy(s).

6.1 If you want to sell your Item to us through our website or service you must:

  1. Enter an accurate weight or quantity of the Item that you want to sell.
  2. We then provide you with an instant initial online valuation for the item.
  3. Continue to add all the items to the box that you wish to value and sell to Toy Exchange, you must meet our minimum order value before checking out.
  4. You must then confirm you agree to sell to us and have accepted these Terms.
  5. Unless already signed into your Toy Exchange account, you must sign in or create a new account.
  6. Choose your preferred method of payment.
  7. Finally select ‘’Submit”, your order will then confirm and provide you with a shipping label.

7. Account Details

7.1 When creating your account with us, you will need to provide an email address, password and other personal details such as address, date of birth and phone number.

7.2 Depending on the method of payment selected, you may be required to supply information such as your bank account number and sort code, or email addresses related to online accounts such as Amazon or Paypal.

7.3 It is your responsibility to protect your password and keep your account safe and secure, you must not disclose it or share it with anyone. If you believe their to be a security issue, please inform us at

7.4We only allow one account per person or legal entity. If we discover you have more than one account we can terminate your account and invalidate any current valuations at any time.

7.5 We are able to terminate any accounts at our discretion. Any goods past the check-in phase will have there payment processed, whereas other goods may be returned at your cost. 

8. Valuations and Final Valuation

8.1 Through our website we provide you with an initial valuation that is based on you entering the correct details about your products weight, quantity and condition, and that it is valid against our acceptance guidelines. 

8.2 When we receive and check in your items we will offer you a Final Valuation. This final valuation will be the same as the initial valuation if you have met our Acceptance Guidelines and Packaging Guidelines. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could mean the final valuation is lower than the initial valuation we provide online.

8.3 Our valuation tool should only be used for private consumer use, and the prices and data we offer should not be used for commercial purposes. 

8.4 By valuing and submitting your order you agree to have the legal rights to sell these items and that we are the legal owner of those items once you have been paid for them.

8.5 We are able to offer reduced final valuations at any time where the weight of the item is not accurately represented.

8.6. Any items not adhering to our Acceptance Guidelines will be deducted from the final valuation and responsibly recycled.

9. The Contract

9.1 By clicking ‘Submit’ at checkout you are offering to sell your item(s) or toy(s) to us for the price given at final valuation. Our initial valuation is our maximum payable price and will be what is received providing the goods meet our acceptance guidelines. By accepting our initial online valuation we agree to provide you with a delivery method to get the item to us.

9.2 All valuations online are subject to our check-in process in which your items are screened and checked against our Acceptance Guidelines.

9.3 We are under no obligation to accept your items, and in such case we will return them to you, this could be subject to an administration fee.

9.4 Upon check-in of your items we will pay your initial valuation price if we are happy with the items or toys and they have met our Acceptance Guidelines. 

9.5 Where items or toys have not met our Acceptance Guidelines you will be emailed with a revised Final Valuation which you can choose to accept or reject.

9.5.1 If the valuation is rejected we will return the item to you, this could be subject to an administration fee.

9.5.2 If the valuation is accepted we will process your payment immediately to your selected method.

9.6 Your items must be sent to us within 10 days of selecting “Submit”. Anything received later than this could be rejected, or have the Final Valuation adjusted to the latest pricing data on

9.7 Payment will only be made to you once check-in is completed where the Final Valuation matches the Initial Valuation, or where the new Final Valuation has been accepted.

10. Your Cancellation and Return Rights

10.1 It is your legal right to have the opportunity to cancel a Contract with us at any time within 14 days without having to supply a reason. This begins the day that you selected “Submit” at checkout and start the contract with us.

10.2 If you wish to exercise your cancellation rights, we must be notified in writing within the 14 day period to our email address. Once you inform us that you wish to cancel we will terminate our valuation, return any items to you and you will not receive any payment from us for those items.

10.3 Once you have dropped your items off at a courier drop off point or the courier has collected your items the 14 day period which you can cancel your Contract with us will come to an end. 

10.4 When you click “Submit” you end your right to returns, unless we provide a final valuation that is less than our initial valuation. Once you receive our final valuation via email, you have five days to accept or reject. Otherwise, we will automatically accept your package and a return will no longer be possible, you will be paid the lower final valuation price.

11.Cancellations and Rejection by Us

11.1 We reserve the right to cancel, reject or alter the contract between you and us at any time:

  1. We believe you do not have the legal right to sell or ownership of the item(s)
  2. Your items do not pass our check-in and Acceptance Guidelines process
  3. We have offered you an incorrect or error price for any item(s)
  4. We receive a different weight or quantity of item(s) than stated on your initial valuation
  5. The items we receive are counterfeit or not the same as the item in the initial valuation
  6. We have received too many trade-ins and are no longer accepting the item(s) you have sent to us
11.2 If we cancel due to an error we will return the item(s) at our cost.

11.3 If we do cancel, adjust or reject your Contract or Valuation, we will notify you by email from within 3 working days.

11.4 Where we suspect your items are stolen goods or you do not have the right to sell them to us, we will pass your details on to the relevant law enforcement team.

11.5 If the cancellation is due to your item(s) or toy(s) not meeting our Acceptance Guidelines or Packaging Guidelines you will be given the following options:

  1. Have us responsibly recycle and reuse your items.
  2. Have your items returned to you within 14 days. A small administration fee may apply.
  3. Accept the lower final valuation that we offer within 5 days.

11.6 Once you agree to this in writing via email, this will become the new terms of the contract.

11.7 If we do not hear from you within five days of cancelling, adjusting or rejecting your valuation or contract, your items will be owned by us and no longer returnable to you. We will then do our best to reuse items where possible, or responsibly recycle them. You will receive no payment for your items.


12.1 Once we receive your items at our premise the legal ownership or title transfers to us. 

12.2 If you drop your item off at a courier drop-off point, the courier is responsible for the item(s) until it reaches our premises.

12.3 If you use a collection service, the courier is responsible for the item(s) until it reaches our premises.

12.4 If damage or loss of item(s) occurs due to packaging that did not comply with our Packaging Guidelines, it is your responsibility and liability.

12.5 We recommend that you obtain a proof of postage, collection or drop off for your items in case you need to make a claim with the courier.


13.1.When you process “Submit” and accept your initial valuation, you will be given a courier label that can be used to drop off your package at a courier defined drop off location. For some couriers we may offer collection in which they collect the package from you on the next working day.

13.1.1. Drop off services require you to take your boxed and labelled item(s) to one of the carriers drop off shops, lockers or points, who will collect your item from there and send them on to us free of charge. The couriers drop off points can be found online at their website. For a list of collection points visit UPS Drop Off

13.2 If your item does not pass our Check-in process and we cannot offer you the full Initial Valuation you can have your item returned to you, an administration fee may apply.

13.3 When you drop off your item or have it collected, you should obtain a receipt from the carrier for the tracking and validation that you shipped the item.Without a receipt you may not be able to claim for any damage or loss to your item(s) or package.

13.4 You must send the correct goods to match the initial valuation statement, otherwise we may reject your items and return them to you, this could incur an administration fee.


14.1 Toy Exchange and it’s third parties including courier partners accept no responsibility or liability for any losses or harm that arises from the shipment of restricted goods

14.2 Our free courier labels must only be used to send items that are to be sold to us. Misuse of these labels could mean your account is terminated or an administration fee would be payable.

14.3 By law we must inform you that there are strict rules of carriage to follow, the contents of the package must not include dangerous goods, as defined in the Packaging and Labeling of Dangerous Substances Regulations 1984, the Classification, Packaging and Labeling Regulations 1983, the Radioactive Material Regulations 1998 and the Carriage of Road Regulations 1996. It is not limited to these items, all dangerous good must not be shipped using our carriers or the labels we provide.

14.4 You the consumer or customer is liable for loss, damage or liability that arises due to breach of these Terms and legal obligations of transport of your item(s), toy(s) or other items via our courier partners and shipping solution.

14.5 Any shipment that is handled by us or our couriers that does not meet these legal guidelines is full responsibility of you the sender. We accept no liability or responsibility for damage or loss faced by us or our courier. You are solely responsible in sending only the goods outlined in your submitted trade-in order and initial valuation email.


15.1 We are accountable caused for any preventable or foreseeable loss or damage that we directly cause to your item(s). If we do not adhere to these Terms, we are responsible for the loss that your suffer as a result of our failure to meet the contract between us and you.We are not responsible for any loss or damage that is unforseeable or unpreventable. We define foreseeable as anything obvious that could happen at the time the contract was created, where we knew it might happen. 

15.2 We limit our liability for any item or it’s valuation and we limit our liability to the initial valuation price. We are not liable for any greater value than the initial valuation which is the point that the contract is created.

15.3 We do not breach your rights as a consumer or limit our liability in a way that would be unlawful. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or that of our employees or contractors. We are not liable for any loss, death, injury or damage caused by that of our third parties such as but not limited to our courier partners.

15.4 Where we suspect fraud or misrepresentation for breach of your legal rights you may have as a consumer under applicable local law or statutory rights that may not be excluded.

15.5 We cannot accept liability or responsibility for personal or business losses. Where our website is used for commercial purposes we have no liability for lost custom, profits, loss of opportunity or any other loss or damage that may occur. 

15.6 We are not liable for any consequential or direct losses however caused or foreseeable

15.7 Our website could contain links to other websites or references. We cannot be held responsible for the safety, content or accuracy of those websites. These websites are not checked for accuracy and security, and it is at the users risk if they choose to navigate to them. Just because we link a website does not mean we approve or endorse the website, leaving our site to go to a third party is done so at your own risk.

15.8 We will always attempt to ensure the accuracy of our website and the information contained. However we make no guarantee that it is accurate or up to date. The website we provide is on an “as seen” agreement, we are able to change any information within our website without liability or consequence. 

15.9 Our website, products and services do not come with any type or warranty, and we cannot guarantee that we will meet your valuation or service requirements. We aim to do business in a quick and accurate way, however this cannot be guaranteed. Any errors that we as Toy Exchange make will attempt to be rectified as we see fit. 

15.10 While we try to make sure our website and it’s server are safe and free of loggers, viruses and bugs, we cannot guarantee this. We are not responsible for any loss incurred through the transfer, download or upload of media or material via our website. 

15.11 While any part of our website or service we require you the customer to conform with any local law, regulation or legislation. This includes but is not limited to, obtaining permission to sell items to us, ensuring customs or import data is correct, and providing accurate and correct payment information. We are not responsible for any goods imported or exported to or from England.

16.Transaction Times

16.1. As part of our service we offer no guarantee or warranty for items that we sell or are sold to us. We always will try to make the transaction as quick as possible and provide you with updates at the start, during and ending of the contract and trade-in. We aim to complete transactions fairly and with integrity.

16.2.Where you use drop off or collection services with our couriers, it can take up to 7 working days for us to receive it. We are unable to guarantee this time frame as it can vary depending on network demand. 

16.3 Once your goods are received on our premises from the courier we aim to provide you an update and final valuation within 2 working days.


17.1 We always aim to pay you via your chosen method on the day that we complete the check-in process. However depending on the payment method this can take up to 10 working days to be received. 

17.2 It is your responsibility as the user to submit the correct payment information and address upon clicking “Submit”. If incorrect details are entered and a payment has been made to a different person it may be unrecoverable and we will not pay out to you again. If the money can be recovered we will try to get in contact with you for the correct details, however this is subject to a £10.00 administration fee charge, this will be deducted from your final valuation total. Any loss encountered due to incorrectly provided information is the responsibility of the user and solely the user.

17.3 Where payment is made via cheque we will post the cheque within 2 working days, and it should arrive within 7 working days after that. We cannot guarantee these time frames, however we try our best to meet them.

17.4 Payment will only be made if the final valuation matches the initial valuation, or you choose to accept our final valuation when it does not match the initial valuation.

18.Changes to Legal Notices

18.1.We reserve the right to change these Terms from time to time and you should look through them each time you submit a new initial valuation.

19.Law, Jurisdiction and Language

19.1.The website, its usage, its content contained within and any contracts associated with it are governed by and created in accordance with English law. Parties to any such contract agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. All contracts are concluded in English.


20.1 Each of the paragraphs of these Terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any part of these Terms are unenforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability to you) the enforceability of any other part of these Terms will not be affected.

20.2 Our failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision in that or any other instance.

21.Transfer of Rights

21.1.As part of these terms you agree that we can transfer your data, account and information to another business or legal entity. The transfer will not affect any existing rights as part of a contract formed between you and Toy Exchange.