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Learn about us and why we buy unwanted toys

Who We Are was created to give you a simple platform to sell your old and unwanted toys and get an instant cash valuation. We strive to offer the most competitive prices while also offering a great customer experience. We were shocked about the amount of working but unwanted toys that get sent to landfill each year in the UK. We know we can all do better to give a new life to your unwanted toys, toy-exchange offers you a hassle free way to sell your toys to us, and we deal with the hassle of finding them a new home. 

Our Mission

When we receive your unwanted toys and have paid you for them, it’s up to us to find them a new home where they can be used again. We do this by checking the condition and repairing to bring your toys back to life so that they are ready to be re-sold. We then catalog and store these items in our facility. Some toys are sold directly by ourselves on third party sites, some are held as spares or repairs. If we have excess items or items that have not sold, we sell them in bulk, donate to local charities or as a last resort responsibly recycle them.

Why use

We aim to offer a platform to buy unwanted toys in an easy, fast and safe environment. We maintain an active list of unwanted toys we are currently looking to buy and ensure our offered prices are competitive We have simplified our buying process so you can just weigh or count your unwanted toys, enter it into our site, and receive a calculated valuation of the expected price we will pay. We offer free shipping and a no-obligation service.

Eco-friendly Recycling

Unfortunately, most of the toys manufactured in the past 40 years have contained lots of plastic. Many of which do not degrade and end up in landfill. It is estimated that over 8 million working toys enter landfill every year in the UK. Our aim is to take these unwanted toys and give them a new home and to avoid landfill. In the rare circumstance where a toy cannot be resold or donated, we strip it for spare parts to help repair other toys and dispose of the remaining parts responsibly.

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