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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our How It Works page to get a step by step guide of how to sell to us. It’s a free and straightforward process.

When your order status is “on-hold” it simply means that the item is either in transit with UPS, or is with us and is awaiting checking and payment. To check if your item has reached us, please visit your order in My Account and see the tracking information there.

Once you get to the checkout page, we provide you with a free UPS shipping label. Just print out your label, and drop off the item at your nearest UPS drop off point. See a full list of UPS drop off points here.

We aim to review and check-in your items on the day we receive them. Once they have passed our check-in process we will aim to send your payment the same or next day via your chosen method. When we are very busy this can take up to 72 hours from receiving the item until payment, however we always try our best to do it sooner.

Currently we can pay you via:

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal

You will receive an instant valuation from us when you add the items to your basket. Simply head to one of the brands you wish to sell, and we’ll give you a transparent price. Providing your items comply with our Acceptance Guidelines, you will receive the full amount.

On each brands product page we show you an up to date and transparent price that we will pay for your items as long as they meet our simple Acceptance Guidelines.

Providing these guidelines are met, you will receive the full value we offered during checkout.

If we receive your items and they do not meet our acceptance guidelines we may revise the offer amount.

All items go through a simple and fast process to ensure you get paid quickly.

We will ensure we have received the correct quantity and weight of items compared to what was on the trade-in offer. As well as do a check that the items received meet our acceptance guidelines.

If everything is as we expect, we will process the payment for the full amount straight away. 

If we have not received all the items, or some do not meet our acceptance guidelines we will send you a revised offer via email. You then have 48 hours to accept or reject that offer.

As long as your items meet our acceptance guidelines, and the weights and quantities are correct we will never need to revise our offer.

If we do give a revised offer, you will have 48 hours to respond. If you accept the offer we will process the payment on the day you accept it. If you decline it you will have 2 options

  1. We can return the items to you for free.
  2. We can keep the items and will either, responsibly recycle, resell or donate to good causes depending on the item and it’s condition

If you do not respond at all, we will automatically payout the revised offer amount and your items will no longer be returnable. 

Depending on what item you trade-in, we generally inspect and grade the condition of your items. Then they are either restored and resold as complete units, scrapped for parts to restore other items or sold as parts. Where possible we donate overstock or excess to charitable causes.

Yes, please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page. Fill in the form with as much detail about the items you have, as well as some photos of the items, and we will get back to you.

We are always looking at new brands we can accept, so keep on visiting our site to find the most up to date brands we buy.

We strive to be competitive with our buying prices, and they are updated frequently in line with market demand for buying and selling of that brand. We have the right to change our prices at any time on our website.

If we do change our pricing, this does not affect the offers that have already been issued, we will pay the price that was offered at the time of checkout, providing the items meet all of our Acceptance Guidelines.

How It Works

Sell your unwanted toys in 4 easy steps


Browse the brands we buy and add your trade-in items to your box.


Get an instant
no-obligation valuation for your items.


Use the FREE pre-paid postage label supplied to send your items to us.


Fast and secure payment to your chosen method of payment.

Packaging Guide

It is important to package your items carefully so that we receive the items in the condition you sent them in. Follow the guide below to get some tips on securely sending in your items.


It is important to pick the right cardboard box for shipping. Using boxes that are too big, or too weak could mean your package gets damaged in transit. 

Please send all items in a box, and not bubble envelopes or poly-mailers, as these do not provide adequate protection of your items. If possible you should use a double wall cardboard box as opposed to single wall. Make sure all flaps on the box are secure and folded correctly to provide the best protection to the top and bottom of the box.

We will not take responsibility for shipping damage where a box has not been packaged securely.


Make sure that every category of product is packed in its own plastic bag, and either taped or tied shut. E.g. Mixed Playmobil, should be bagged separately from Scalextric Cars, as we pay based on the weight of each individual category. If items are sent mixed, we will pay based on the lowest rate of all the item types you have sent.

Once you have your items bagged up, wrap them appropriately with some bubble wrap. Finally make sure that the box is cut down to the exact size to fit the items so that there is no empty space, if there is empty space, use scrunched up paper to fill the empty space. If you leave space within the box, the items may move around during transit and become damaged.

When sealing the box use strong tape that is suitable for sending parcel to avoid the package coming open during shipping.


Make sure all the items you have in your selling basket are present within the box. As any items we do not receive will be removed from your final valuation. 


When you checkout, you will be provided a free UPS postage label. Make sure that this is securely attached to the top of the package using strong tape, be sure that you do not obstruct the details on the label. Make sure all other labels have been removed from the box. You can find your nearest UPS drop off location here.

Weighing Guide

It is important to weigh your items correctly so that you receive the correct valuation for your items. Follow the guide below to get the most accurate weight of your items.


The most common types of household scale are kitchen and bathroom scales, both will be suitable to weigh your items. Before starting to weigh your items, check the maximum weight that your scales will hold, if you believe the weight will be exceeded, you should weigh it in smaller batches and add up a running total of the weight.

Don’t worry if you don’t have scales, we have some ways you can estimate the weight below. Please be aware that we can’t offer a fully accurate valuation until we weigh it. However, we do clearly display the price per 100g or per 1 KG on our product page so you know what prices to expect before sending your item.


The way in which you weigh your items depends on the type of scales you are using, see the relevant sub-sections below for the scale type you are using. Make sure to use Metric measurements (grams and kilograms)

Kitchen scales are typically more accurate than bathroom scales, but have a lower load limit, meaning that heavier bundles may need to be weighed in multiple parts. This method is recommended for weights between 0kg and 5kg depending on the load limit of your scales.

To get an accurate weight and valuation:

  1. Place an empty box that does not overlap the side of the scale too much. Ensure the box doesn’t sag and touch the surface as this would give an inaccurate weight. 
  2. Use the tare or zero option on the scale to set the weight of the box back to zero. If your scale doesn’t have this, subtract the weight of the box from your final weight.
  3. Pour in your toys until the box is comfortably full, or the load limit is reached. If the box is full or load limit is reached make note of the weight, remove those toys, and weigh the next lot. Repeat this process until everything has been weighed.
  4. Add the total weight of that item into your online sales basket and get your instant valuation. 
  5. Repeat this process for all the different categories/brands of products you wish to sell.

Bathroom scales are typically less accurate than kitchen scales, but have a higher load limit, meaning that it is more suited to heavier or bulkier items that wouldn’t fit on a kitchen scale. This method is recommended for weights above 5kg.

To get an accurate weight and valuation:

  1. Stand on the scale holding an empty box and make note of the weight.
  2. Then stand on the scale holding the box weigh the items from the single category in (E.g. Mixed Playmobil). 
  3. Subtract the first weight from the second to get the total weight of your items.
  4. Add the total weight of the item category into your online sales basket and get your instant valuation. 
  5. Repeat this process for all the different categories/brands of products you wish to sell.

Using everyday household objects you can get a rough estimate for your items weight. 

First place the items for the category you wish to sell to us in a plastic bag (Not a box) to get the closest weight to the items. Feel the weight of the bag and compare it to some of the everyday objects and their weights on our list below. Whichever feels closest in weight to your items is the weight you should select on our sell page.

Everyday Objects

1 Litre Bottle of water: 1kg
A can of baked beans: 400 – 450g
A 1KG bag of sugar or pasta: 1kg
Smartphone: 100 – 200g
Standard Laptop: 1kg – 2kg
32 Inch TV: 11-14kg


There are other ways to get the weight of your item if you don’t have scales yourself.

  • Take your packaged box to your local post office, they can provide the weight of the box, without posting it.
  • Ask a friend, neighbour or work colleague if they have some scales you can borrow. While you’re at it, mention our site, they may have some unwanted toys to sell too! 


When we receive your items we will weigh them and confirm the final received weight. If this is different to the trade-in weight you submitted, we will adjust your valuation to reflect this, whether that be a lower or higher valuation.

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