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When sending LEGO please ensure all boxes are as compact and secure for shipping (This may mean cutting the box down to a smaller size), do not use extra padding besides putting the LEGO into plastic bags. Our maximum box size should fit 25-30KG of LEGO. If you have more than this amount, submit an order for each 25KG box.
Make sure all items within your order are packed into a single box where possible (Maximum volume 100,000cm3 e.g. 50x50x40cm).

If you require additional labels please reach out to us via If the boxes are of smaller size, they can be taped together as long as they do not exceed the maximum volume.

We ask if possible please pack your items efficiently and use the most appropriate size box for the items you are sending, as boxes with unused space can cause items to move around and damage in transit. This may require cutting the box down to more suitably fit your items.

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